Estates - Price ListENG


Service Price
Complex matters (Per hour)Our fees are typically around 1.5% plus VAT charged at 20% of the gross value of the estate. £234.00 per hour Including VAT
Simple Estate Grant OnlyWe charge £900.00 plus VAT (£1080.00 in total) for obtaining the grant of probate only. This is for submitting the application for the grant only does not include any administration of the estate of the deceased which is charged by the hour as indicated. £900.00 per hour Including VAT


Disbursement Price
Probate Application FeeThe fee for submitting an application to the probate registry for the Grant of probate. No Vat is payable on the fee. £273.00 Including VAT

Key Stages and Timescales

Key Stage Timescale
Initial Instructions 0 – 1 week(s)
Gathering Information 1 – 4 week(s)
Application for Grant of Probate 4 – 8 week(s)
Grant of Probate 8 – 26 week(s)
Preparing estate accounts 26 – 36 week(s)
Distribution of estate 36 – 52 week(s)


Simon Latchford


Qualification Educational Institution
Solicitor .
Areas of Law Practiced Experience Time Spent
Wills 18 year(s) 100%