motoring offences - Price ListENG


The work included in the fixed fee is as outlined in the Key stages. In the event that any additional work is required beyond this then we will discuss this with you and agree a  fee before proceeding.


Service Price
Guilty pleaRepresentation at any Magistrate court in Kent for a single motoring offence to which you plead guilty and are sentenced on the day. This is a fixed fee to which VAT has been added at 20%. There will be additional charges for disbursements. £300.00 Including VAT
Special Reasons / Exceptional hardship ArgumentTo appear on one occasion before a court in Kent to argue special reasons / exceptional hardship against disqualification. This is a fixed fee to which VAT has been added at 20%. £540.00 Including VAT


Special Reasons / Exceptional hardship Argument

Disbursement Price
Mileage travelled to courtprice per mile of travelling to a court located outside of a 30 mile radius of our office. Vat is added to the mileage rate at 20%. £0.45 Excluding VAT

Key Stages and Timescales

Guilty plea

Key Stage Timescale
Initial Instructions 1 – 2 week(s)
Hearing date 6 – 8 week(s)

Special Reasons / Exceptional hardship Argument

Key Stage Timescale
Advice on appeal 8 – 9 week(s)
Initial Instructions 1 – 6 day(s)
Hearing 1 – 8 week(s)


Keith Betts


Qualification Educational Institution
Solicitor UWE
Areas of Law Practiced Experience Time Spent
Criminal law 30 year(s) 100%